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Traffic Unit

The Oswego Police Traffic Enforcement Unit consists of one supervisor and three officers and serves as the primary unit responsible for the planning, analysis and coordination of the department’s police traffic services.


  • To ensure the safety and well being of the citizens of Oswego by reducing injuries, deaths and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes.
  • To enhance citizen education, understanding and satisfaction of police traffic services.
  • To deter crime through increased presence and visibility in the community and through the apprehension of criminals by utilizing motor vehicles in the most efficient, pertinent and safe manner possible.


  • To identify high accident areas, analyze data and apply problem solving techniques in the resolution of traffic problems.
  • To enhance traffic safety in the Village of Oswego by reducing both the frequency and severity of traffic crashes.
  • To aggressively investigate citizen complaints and enforce all applicable traffic laws and regulations.
  • To vigorously pursue the investigation of any and all illegal activities detected as a result of traffic stops.
  • To act as representatives of the department through public appearances at special functions, parades and funerals.
  • To represent the department as public speakers and instructors, when requested.
  • To investigate, clear, and charge, when possible, all hit and run accidents.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit analyzes traffic crash data to identify problem areas and solutions by working closely with Traffic Engineering. The Unit answers and responds to citizen concerns related to vehicular traffic and they work with Neighborhood Liaison Officers in resolving issues. Village residents can complete the Community Traffic Concern Form to inform us of your traffic related concerns.