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Oswego Police Department

Below are commonly requested forms for the Oswego Police Department:

Character Counts Nomination Form
This program recognizes members of our communities that have displayed exceptional CHARACTER COUNTS! characteristics. Read more about this program...

Citizen's Police Academy Application
The CPA is a unique chance to see and experience the inside workings of your police department. Read more about this program...

Community Traffic Concerns Form
If you believe that there is a speeding or other recurring traffic problem in your neighborhood, please complete this form and return it to the Police Department.

Freedom of Information Act – Request for Oswego Police Records
Freedom of Information Act – Request for Oswego Police Pension Board Records

Senior Well Being Check
The Well-Being Check Assistance program provides daily-automated telephone calls free of charge to those individuals who fill out the application form. No response initiates a phone call to your friends and family. Read more about this program...

Truck Permit Form
Vehicle permit application for oversize/weight movement.

Vacation Check Form (online form)
Authorizes the Oswego Police Department to enter, search and secure your residence in the event an open door, window or other suspicious circumstance is discovered while you are away.
Please allow a minimum of 3 business days prior to the start of your vacation when filling out the electronic “vacation check” form to ensure that it is received in time. Or, you can call your information in directly to 630-551-7300.
Click here to download a .pdf of this form that can be printed and mailed

Parking Exemptions Form (online form)
All garage space must be used for vehicle parking. If you have more vehicles than garage/driveway space, you may qualify for a permanent overnight exemption.

Disabilities (Handicap) Parking Placards
These temporary placards are issued for those temporary injuries or conditions that do not qualify for a permanent disability status but may limit a person’s ability to perform those tasks as outlined in 625 ILCS 5/1-159.1. These placards are valid throughout the United States.
Click here to download a .pdf of this form

Pawnbroker Secondhand Dealer License Application