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Mission and Values

Our Mission

The Oswego Police Department is committed to enhancing the quality of life by ensuring the safety of the community through the protection of life, liberty and property. We will continue to foster cooperation by building diverse partnerships and serving the community with integrity, professionalism and compassion.

Our Values

  • We recognize that the people in the community are our most important customers.
  • We show empathy and compassion for the victims of crime.
  • We enforce the law with dignity, respect and fairness without regard to race, ethnicity, gender or economic status.
  • We exercise integrity in the use of the power and authority that have been given to us by the people.
  • We believe that each employee of the department should exercise leadership in his or her area of responsibility, ensuring our values become part of our day-to-day duties.
  • We can best serve the community by empowering our employees to fulfill their responsibilities with professionalism, knowledge, authority and discretion.
  • We will continue to build diverse partnerships with civic, neighborhood and business organizations.
  • We will lead the department by following the highest standards and best practices of law enforcement.