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K-9 Unit

The Village of Oswego was proud to have a canine unit as part of the Oswego Police Department. The team provided many benefits to the Village of Oswego and the Oswego Police Department. Our most recent unit included K-9 Ben and Officer Wicyk who could be seen around town driving in a specially designed police car with a cage in the back seat. Officer Wicyk was responsible for transporting Ben to and from work, providing him with a home, and caring for him. Since the unit was dissolved, Ben continues to be cared for by Officer Wicyk.


On May 20th 2005 the Oswego Police Department employed its third K-9 Unit. Officer Wicyk was selected to handle K-9 Ben, which was purchased from Landheim Kennels which specializes in police work dogs. K-9 Ben, a German Shepard, is originally from Germany. K-9 Ben was a year and half old when he and Officer Wicyk began their training. Officer Wicyk and Ben went thorough a six-week course at Landheim Training Center. The training consisted of narcotic detection, aggression control, building searches, tracking, area searches, basic obedience, and handler protection.


K-9 Ben used to aid in tracks for suspects that have resulted in finding the suspect and/or evidence during the track. K-9 Ben also aided in arrests of numerous suspects due to K-9 Ben locating narcotics. Officer Wicyk and K-9 Ben had assisted numerous outside agencies and participated in numerous public demonstrations and assisted with school searches for illegal drugs.

K-9 Pledge

  • I promise to be worth every cent of the $10,000 it took to train me.
  • I promise to track down criminals who threaten and harm our community.
  • I promise to stand with you against the violence that penetrates our society.
  • I promise to sniff out the drugs being advertised to your children.
  • I promise to stay resolved and focused upon the success of our mission.
  • No matter what happens, I will be by your side...your loyal companion until the end.
  • I will never give up.