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Honor Guard

The Oswego Police Honor Guard is a team of officers formed with the mission to remember and honor, and cause others to remember and honor, all those serving in law enforcement, the fire service and the United States military who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our communities and a grateful nation.

The Honor Guard consists of two integral units, the Drill & Ceremony Team and the Pipes & Drums Team. Each unit is comprised of volunteers who are driven by the four pillars Honor, Pride, Commitment and Precision. By wearing the Honor Guard uniform, each member accepts a commitment to excellence, and views their mission as a sacred duty. Their commitment is continually evidenced by their impeccable appearance and their dedication to precision in every activity, both public and private.

Members of the Honor Guard come from all units and sections of the Department. They each understand the importance of their individual role as it relates to the team and the mission, and are willing to devote significant personal time and energy to perfect their skills. The Drill & Ceremony Team has regular monthly practices consisting of two hours. In addition, they attend six to seven special practices throughout the year to prepare for specific events. The Pipes & Drums Team practices four to eight hours per month as a team, and almost daily on an individual basis at home.

Honor Guard activities include the presentation, posting and retiring of the Colors, parades, holiday ceremonies and, most importantly, police honors funeral ceremonies. Down to the smallest detail, each member works diligently to ensure their uniforms and their performance are perfect for every event. The Honor Guard represents the best of the Oswego Police Department, serving as ambassadors of law enforcement, presenting a positive and professional image to the public, and constantly striving to make sure that the selfless sacrifice of our fallen heroes is never forgotten.

Honor Guard Members

Sergeant Jason Bastin
Sergeant Chris Biggs
Captain Jeff Burgner
Officer Shane Burgwald
Officer Joe Geltz
Officer Ben Hackl
Sergeant Dan Kipper
CSO Bill Shink
Sergeant (Ret) Larry Stefanski
Officer Joe Szilage
Sergeant Shane Yackley
Sergeant (Ret) Mary Kay Zimmerman