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Citizen At Risk (C.A.R.) Program

The Citizens at Risk (C.A.R.) program is intended to aid at-risk residents and their families, and is designed to allow residents who may be at a greater risk of becoming confused, lost, disoriented, or missing to be registered with the Oswego Police prior to an emergency.

This voluntary, proactive, assistance program is intended to help police reunite at-risk residents with their families and provide necessary medical assistance. Those registering will provide contact information to police and will be given a bracelet with a unique identification number.

If a registered at-risk resident has contact with police and they have difficulty communicating due to a medical condition, police will be able to use the identification number to locate family members or provide medical assistance.

There is no fee for registering. To register yourself or a loved one, or for more information about this program, please contact Officer Anthony Snow at 630-551-7365 or